Miraculous Building for Life Moment in Russia

Despite politics, God has given His people favor in Russia!  The local government of Naberezhnye Chelny in the primarily Muslim Tatar region, was moved to donate 2 acres of choice property on a major intersection to a missionary team from the Ukraine, to build a ministry center.  Incredibly, the government went so far as to provide building plans and permits at no cost!

The planned project is for a 1,000-seat ministry center which will be a regional gathering place for the 32 churches that have been planted.  The only stipulation is that the construction project MUST be completed no later than May 31, 2019.

Our burden for Russia began in 1993 when the National Youth Department received an invitation to conduct youth camps for Russian youth.  I was blessed to lead a team of young high school students, who, through ministry and friendship, led hundreds of young Russians to a faith in Christ.  The people of Russia are hungry for and responsive to the gospel message.

While opportunity exists, our evangelistic efforts are not without challenge.  Occasionally harassment and persecution have forced teams to leave, but God continues to give us favor.  In the past four months, two Russian courts have heard charges against the church.  One case demanded the liquidation of the church.  By God’s providence, the judged ruled in favor of the church and declared that the church does have a right to exist–a permanent right—and that harassment must stop!

Builders International has an opportunity to literally help steer this Tatar region of Russia into a rebirth, into an acceptance of the gospel.  You can be a part of this incredible miracle.

Prayer has always been the underpinnings of missions.  A 24/7 prayer ministry has and will be a continued focus of this church with an octagon prayer center as part of the planned construction.  Will you join with us in prayer?

With strict government restrictions, Builders teams are not permitted to enter the country to do the actual construction.  However, We can provide wages to hire Russians to work for $125 per week or $500 per month.  Will you prayerfully consider contributing to this opportunity to fulfill God’s great commission?

Thank you for your prayers and financial support as God stirs your heart with compassion for Russia.

Jim & Linda Wellborn

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Thousands live in the many apartments in high rises within walking distance of Good News Church! More than laying bricks, this project is reaching new people!


Helping People Answer God’s Call On Their Lives

unnamed (70).jpg

After Terry Bryant realized God’s plan for him would give him “hope and a future,” he knew he’d better not stop.

So, twice a year for the next 25 years, he was committed to helping build churches. The majority of the work was done in Mexico; but he also helped in Guatemala and other locations throughout the United States.

Read the rest of Terry’s story by clicking here. 

Thanks to you we have had a great year Building for Life!


Your financial support and prayers keep us supporting the ministry of Builders International!

Here is a quick snapshot of 2017 thanks to you…

  • Legacy Teams to Nepal, Russia, and Haiti
  • Two Sports Summit fundraising events
  • Two Building for Life Capacity Campaign events
  • 2nd Builders family missions trip to Belize
  • 473 volunteers mobilized on trips with Builders International
  • Four churches in Honduras completed
  • Dedication of the Belize Maya Ministry Center
  • Significant progress on the Priority Projects of Builders International

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The Builders International Foundation —our tool for Building for LIFE!

20728043_10155499739994647_3373241388899723226_n.jpgAt Builders International we approach construction as a means of helping people. Builders International has a rich heritage of 49 years of international construction and our dedicated team of staff and volunteers consider construction their calling.

The establishment of the Builders International Foundation represents the next step in the progression of our ability to develop, fund, and finish projects. We leverage every dollar for maximum return and ensure funds are executed in a timely manner.

In a hurting world, 126-million school-age children are currently not enrolled in school. With an increase in demand for higher education in developing countries, there is less access to higher education facilities.

There is a shortage of public access facilities and infrastructure that range from Bible schools and churches to community centers and grade schools. In light of these challenges, within our worldwide network, every 45 minutes a new church is planted. These growing churches are often in developing nations, where much-needed capital improvement projects are simply not possible.

Builders International has direct access to an international delivery system for “doing good.” This network of over 2700 missionaries in 240 countries gives us fertile soil to bring lasting change in individual lives and communities. As a result, our projects have long-term sustainability and show a great return on investment for capital improvement projects designed to help people.

We understand that buildings don’t help people; people help people! Only God, working through people, can bring transformation to an individual life and a community.

The Builders International Foundation funds buildings that help people. The staff at Builders International understands the complexity of international construction and represents over 190 years of combined experience. This team works tirelessly to locate and develop viable construction projects.

THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE. We fund and deliver construction projects designed to help a hurting world.

Follow this link to give a gift today to The BUILDERS INTERNATIONAL Foundation to invest in our projects—as we #buildforlife around the world!

Building for Life in Quibdo, Colombia

unnamed.jpgNine-year-old John Rodriguez, a new student at Quibdo’s Latin American ChildHope School, was enrolled by his parents because they were told he was “socially backward and had learning problems.”

They were not Christians and had never even been to an evangelical church. Because of the successful education methods, little John immediately responded in a positive way. His parents now attend the church!

You can build hope for children like John Rodriguez by funding the project now underway that was for years just an abandoned lot in Quibdo. This project will not only fill a vacant lot, but will result in filling a vacancy in many souls.

Those will be the benefactors of God’s will for a neglected people. Because of your generous giving, this population will begin experiencing the greatest celestial meaning of the word, freedom, for which only Heaven can exact a price. “For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” [2 Corinthians 3:17 (NLT)]


P.S. For more information or giving options for Quibdo, please contact Builders International Director Ryan Moore at (417) 582-0003, or email at ryan@buildersintl.org.  Thank you!

Building for Life: Meet John


wellborncoverphotocolombianew.jpgYou’ll be excited to know that three more Builders International projects are now completed!

  • Global School of Theology North West in Rustenburg, South Africa, recently celebrated the dedication of a campus expansion that increased enrollment of future leaders in South Africa.
  • Cienaga, Colombia’s Latin American ChildHope School is now utilizing their new third level, which allows an increase in enrollment of an additional 200 students.
  • Last month, more than 500 Belizeans showed up to celebrate the completion of the Mountain View Campground in Belize, as it was dedicated to the Lord!

17434495_10155149799269269_6672386475145477171_oThis project is already influencing children and adults throughout the country, as they learn about God’s love at kids’ camps, youth camps, and men’s and women’s conferences year-round.

We are now eager to bring your attention to our latest project in Quibdo, Colombia. It started with an empty, shovel-ready lot!

Builders International is partnering with AG missionaries, Mike and Naomi Lawrence, to build a church and school.

This facility will serve a population largely made up of descendants of 18th Century escaped slaves, called Afro-Colombians. The region has a culture of its own with several indigenous settlements. Colombian national missionaries are currently working with those remote groups!

Quibdo is located in El Choco Province, which is by far the poorest in the country. It is also one of the most neglected by church-planters. Of a mere 10 churches in the entire area, only one of is even remotely adequate.

The school in Quibdo opened this year, and is meeting in a temporary location, until the new facility is completed. It is a ChildHope school (formerly Latin America ChildCare). ChildHope’s vision is to directly associate social outreach with a large congregation. A GREAT CHURCH is GREATLY NEEDED in that part of the world! The mission of ChildHope School is the transformation of children by means of a relationship with Jesus Christ through a quality education and other ministries of compassion.

The school has a philosophy of giving as much personalized attention to the students as possible.Quibdo-505x505

Nine-year-old John Rodriguez is a new student at Quibdo’s ChildHope School. His mother and father enrolled him because they had been told he was “socially backward and had learning problems.”

His parents were not Christians and had never even been to an evangelical church.

Because of the successful education methods, John immediately responded in a positive way to that kind of instruction. His parents now attend the church!

ChildHope represents the largest network of Evangelical Christian Schools in Latin America with 300 schools in 21 countries affecting the lives of nearly 100,000 children each day. Over the last 46 years more than a million children have attended a ChildHope school. For many children, the meal they receive in school is the only meal they eat each day.

YOU CAN BUILD HOPE on a vacant lot in Quidbo for a child like John Rodriguez, and families similar to his.

$54 will provide hardware required for construction of the Quibdo ChildHope School.

$250 will provide a front door for the Quibdo Church to welcome those who need to hear about Jesus!

$900 will provide a roof over the students’ heads at the school.

$250,000 will build Hope for the Quibdo community and finish the entire church and school!

This project will not only fill a vacant lot, but will result in filling a vacancy in many souls. Those will be the benefactors of God’s will for a neglected people.


P.S. Upon completion of Quibdo School and Church, the spread of Christianity will be enhanced, bringing families together to hear the Truth of the Gospel. Descended from 18th century slavery, thanks to generous people like you, these souls will soon begin experiencing the greatest, spiritual meaning of the word, freedom. “For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” [2 Corinthians 3:17 NLT]

Building for Life–Meet Corina

Costa Rica is often recognized for its lush jungles and stunning beaches which appeal to tourists from all over the world. With a vibrant night life, the streets of downtown San Jose are packed with crowds well into the wee hours of the morning.

You don’t have to wander far into the darkness though, until you’ll come upon sex for sale at every turn. Many of the women (or girls, in many cases) on the street corners are not there by choice, they have been forced to sell their bodies, becoming a slave used for sex.

The hotel industry in Costa Rica has grown over 400 percent in recent years. While this country has set itself apart as a model for tourism, this increase has brought other unexpected problems.

This has created the perfect environment for the dark side of the tourism industry to flourish, the side often referred to as “sex tourism.”

Builders International and AGWM Missionaries, Bob and Michele Perez are partnering with the Costa Rican Rahab Foundation to build a safe-house shelter for victims of human trafficking.Lonely woman missing her boyfriend while swinging in the park

According to the Rahab Foundation, exploitation “recruitment,” begins around the age of 14. Child-sex tourists arrive mostly from the United States and Europe.

The gap between the rich and the poor has widened, in spite of the spike in hotel increase, and left much of the population in poverty. Poverty will cause mothers to do just about anything for their children.

“I needed a steady job to help support my family. A lady offered me an ‘office job’ in Costa Rica,” said Corina, a young mother rescued by the Rahab Foundation.
She traveled there, but when she arrived for the job, they took her passport!
Corina reported, “I was told I couldn’t leave, and was immediately forced to have sex to ‘pay off my debt.’ I couldn’t contact my family. Suddenly, I realized that I was being held captive.”
Corina’s story is similar to stories of numerous other girls. Thankfully, Corina’s story took a positive turn, as she shared with a CNN Freedom Project reporter, “I’ve learned a lot at Rahab because they’ve helped a lot.”

The Perez family works tirelessly to help trafficked and prostituted women and young girls put their lives back together as they help them discover what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord, Builders International’s commitment to finish the administration house has been fulfilled!

Now, completion of the first safe-house dormitory facility is crucial so that these young females have a safe place to stay without interruption.

At the new safe-house, victims will continue to receive medical care, vocational training, tutoring, counseling with licensed professionals, legal assistance, weekly discipleship encouragement, and so much more.

Construction of the first dormitory began in November and given adequate funding, the goal for completion of that building is by the end of this summer.

Michele Perez encourages, “You can be a part of rewriting the story of lives that have been completely shattered. This will be a place where we can give girls back their childhood and see eternities forever changed.”

How will you help change this dark chapter in their lives?

It is our hope that they might proclaim, “He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.” [Psalm 40:2 NLT]

The total cost to complete construction for the first dormitory facility is approximately $100,000. Upon completion, it will accommodate 30 people, both women and children. In addition, it will offer each one 24/7 specialized care and support.

$111 will build space in the safe-house for one girl in a situation like Corina’s.

YOU CAN HELP trapped victims gain freedom, experience hope, and find a new passion for life.


Thank you for bringing the hope of Jesus for these desperate young ladies.


P.S. Your donation can make it possible to transform the life of one who is frantically searching for a way out of the horrible pit of slavery. Jesus is her answer. He can “set her feet on solid ground and steady her as she walks along.” You can help pave her way!